i-wine.hk 13 (part 3 of 3 part tasting)

In this episode I taste through a few french reds and some champagne. Please provide feedback either on the site, youtube or my twitter @ Trobneville. Thanks - Rob

i-wine.hk 12 (South American Reds)

I taste through Chilean and Argentinian malbec, cabernet sauvignon syrah, merlot and carmenere found in Hong Kong in this part 2 of 3 tasting. Please give me feedback! - Rob

i-wine.hk 11 (part 1 of a 3 segment tasting)

The i-wine.hk blog is back!! Still can't find where the white retail in Hong Kong (or who brought them to the tasting). Please let me know if you know where to buy these or what they cost so I can share the info. The next two segments will be better but as always please give me feedback so I can improve the blog.

Yalumba Shiraz-viognier blend

on meds, tired and wasn't feeling it, so gave this wine another shot later. Still didn't like it

love the love!

video cut out, but thank you again for the support. Go Yankees!

Hilarious moments in LKF after Manu Liverpool game

what happens when rugby guys strawpedo 2 cases of smirnoff ice...well from 18-33 seconds a teammate of mine is licking an announcers face (at 2:10 I am taking this twitpic http://twitpic.com/mw7s8 (wearing white yankees hat in background)... but much better than that is what happens twice in the seconds after, performed by the same earlier teammate. The other idiots are friends as well! Too funny

Hong Kong winecast 9 (Annexx wine bar)

Drinking Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc, Lizards of Oz Chardonnay, and Plunkett Pinot Noir at Annexx wine bar in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. Go check the Annexx out if you haven't been before. YES, I PAID FOR THE WINE I DRANK!!

Hong Kong winecast 8

schug pinot noir

Hong Kong winecast 7

A break from wine today and trying some beer at Lan Kwai Fong Beer Bar LKF, Hong Kong. Stay tuned for a video from the Annex soon (thursday?)

Hong Kong Winecast 6

Happy National day! Big thanks to Bruce Graham (twitter @energyskulls) for a 'feel good' compliment on yesterday's video. If you are interested in Wine and/or Hong Kong, give me some suggestions, I will listen!

Hong Kong winecast 5

2007 red rover pinot grigio from California Sierra Foothills (Murphys). Also a little falafel!

Hong Kong morning bus ride

Hong Kong Typhoon winds

Some of my clips from the winds the other night

Hong Kong Pacific Coffee hack

As always, please offer your feedback. Thank you!

sleepless in Hong Kong

Me, after several days without sleep, trying to get work done in Pacific Coffee. Fail. The worst part is it's now a full day later without a real sleep or nap and my body doesn't know how to fall asleep anymore. Just laying in bed awake...

Lan Kwai Fong

Seizure Warning!! Wandered around LKF for 20mins filming. Didn't come out like I hoped, but I think the disorientation gives it a more realistic feel...

twitter fail

Support the blog!

The more support I get for the blog, the more I will create new content, so please help out and spread the word on twitter throughout HK. Real website coming soon...

Giving away bottle of 2003 ridge Zin to a twitter follower?

* Tweet "@trobneville" on twitter today about this video to be eligible for the wine give away if I don't create a new video tomorrow. You must also be located in Hong Kong (so that I can deliver the bottle to you).

Video not related to wine

Thank you to the 8 of you who have been watching my videos. I didn't do one yesterday and won't do one today, so here is a freebie from a few years back. I'll keep this up as a placeholder until I put out a new winecast. Enjoy...

7-11 merlot and Pizzeria Italia

Found some 250ml bottle wines at 7-11 in Hong Kong and decided to try them with some pizza from Pizzeria Italia.

Funny wine buyer at tradeshow

Story of wine sales in China. Lots of talk, little action. (Also a peak at how low my Mandarin has fallen...)

My Hong Kong Crib

Well... it has nothing to do with wine, but thought I would throw a video up about something. New one on wine coming shortly.

China/HK Winecast 4

Drinking Chinese white and red wine from Changyu and Greatwall vineyards on flight from China to California. As always, I really appreciate the feedback you give me as it helps me improve!

China/HK winecast 3

I might not be getting better, but at least this one's shorter!! Please continue to give me feedback as I do listen to all of it, and it helps me make a better show for you. Thanks, Rob

China/HK winecast 2

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back in HK wednesday

Back in Hong Kong wednesday, with some new california wines close behind me...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lan Kwai Fong consequence


Classic post LKF
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peking duck with pork rhind


Has anyone tried to Peking Duck in Shanghai where you eat it with the pink pork flavored deep fried chips also in the crepe?
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Has anyone tried pairing with Guang Dong Duck?


Guang Dong duck is not the same as Peking Duck. It is very savory has almost a Bovrol flavor to it and is eaten with cilantro as well in the mix.
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Next Pairing?


I love duck, and while I'm not in Beijing the duck in Hong Kong is still great! Tell me what your favorite wine pairings are with Peking Duck (including plum sauce, scallions cucumber and crepe) and I will do some experimenting...
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Winecast 2. Follow Up 2. Vocab, flavors and other cultural issues with wine

One of the things that I didn't talk about in the winecast 2, or rather talked about and cut, was why it is important to me to understand local flavors, in this case, South East Asian fruits...
When I try and talk about many common flavors in wine such as blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry in China, or even in Hong Kong to an extent (black currant), I come up against 3 communication barriers and a few cultural ones.
First of all, some flavors are hard to come by in China (and expensive) and as a result, it is not uncommon that I find myself talking with someone who has never had a blueberry. Secondly, if they have, they may not know the English word for blueberry, and thirdly, I don't know Mandarin for blueberry. This makes it very difficult for me to talk about wine flavors in the way I am used to doing. But who's responsibility is it to learn how to communicate when talking about wine in a culture where French and English wine speak means nothing? For me, the obvious answer is that the western world needs to make the effort and not just on vocabulary, but also on understanding local food and beverage cultural experiences.
The first reason stems from why I love drinking wine, and why I think many others do as well, which is the ability of familiar smells and flavors in wine to transport us to another place or time. I like to think about the food critic from the movie 'Ratatouille', Anton Ego. When he takes his first bite of Ratatouille Anton Ego is immediately brought back to a rich and vivid childhood memory and is completely transformed and rejuvenated by that experience. I can think of a wine I had recently in which I tasted Sea Salt and was teleported 5 years back to a beach in California where I watched Elephant seals. I hate elephant seals! They are noisy and smell terrible, (not to mention that day was cold and windy) but I love that this wine had the ability to bring me from the other side of the world, a tradeshow in China, back to California.
While I get excited when I find someone who has eaten blueberry before in China and can pick it out of a wine, finding that flavor for them seems so matter of fact. If we make an effort to understand the flavors that are important to cultures like China that are becoming excited about wine, maybe they will begin to 'experience' wine in a similar way with recognition of flavors like lychee, asian pear and purple mangosteen. (Hypocritically I do not know the Mandarin names for any of these fruits...yet)
Beyond understanding unique cultural flavors, comes understanding those cultures. I look at China and say, "How are 80% of wine sales in reds when Chinese food is full of rich and heavy spices"?! "Why don't they drink Sauvignon Blanc in SiChuan"? The first thing I try and remember when I these questions is my first experience with a true SiChuan meal where I thought I was going to pass out after my first bite of chicken baked with "mildly" spicy chicken. Instinctively I reached for my glass of cold ice water to put out the fire only to realize that all I had to drink was hot chrysanthemum tea! There was no cold water to drink in this area, it wouldn't be safe for me to drink, and the Chinese believe strongly that drinking hot liquids is healthy for you. Certainly there was no ice for drinking; there never had been. My other memorable experiences with food/drink pairing all involve 165 proof "Bai Jiu" which burns as badly as SiChuan food with hot tea and ensures that you will get to taste your meal a second time that night.
While of course it is my wish that China would drink more wine with food, and try more white wine with food, these wishes are based on my personal palate and preferences (based on my cultural upbringing). Before we try and push western trends onto a several thousand year old culture, or other cultures, it is important for us to try things their way as well and to gain a better understanding of their experiences with drink and food.
So, what does this mean? If you want to understand the Chinese wine palate, you have to experience the Chinese Palate. Eat Sichuan food with hot Tea, drink Bai Jiu, put coke and sprite in your wines, put ice cubes in your wine. Say "gan bei" (dry cup) and Chug a glass of wine. Try everything once before you judge it, and instead of judging it (and rejecting it or trying to change it), try and understand it and accept it. You will find drinking and talking about wine much more enriching in whatever new culture you choose and you will find it easier to share the things you love about your own culture as well. Rob.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Winecast 2. Follow Up 1.

Thank you for the continued feedback on my winecasts. The best feedback I have recieved so far was from winecast one. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't watch through it. Ten minutes of my life I will never get back". I fully appreciate that level of criticism and I did my best to edit winecast #2 so that it would move faster. As a result, people have told me that I rush through the fruit on number two and do not spend enough time with it.

Let me iterate that the 10 or so minute fruit segment was edited down from a nearly two hour wine and fruit feastival. While a portion of what I cut out was tasting, spitting and chewing, most of the cuts were actually of me thinking! With most of the fruit I ate I really spent a great deal of time processing that flavor, then sipping wine, then searching for that flavor in the wine.

I am new to this, it is bad, but with your continued feedback, it should get better. I will try reduce the amount of content I put into one episode so that I can make episodes shorter, and focus on making the content more meaningful rather than appearing to push through it.

Thanks again for your support and criticism, Rob



Big buildings just end up being reflections in even bigger buildings... Hong Kong in a nutshell.
This and more new photos are posted in my Picasa album at the top right of the page. Great feedback on my photos is what has prompted me to share them, and continued feedback will is always welcome and appreciated. Thanks, Rob
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Dark side of Hong Kong


While there is a balance to Hong Kong, it is in a very Ying Yang type style where that balance comes together by the presence of one extreme within the other. Weekend nights on Lan Kwai Fong provide a humbling reminder that along with the glitz, glam and wealth of this futuristic city there is also a great deal of poverty and homelessness. Here, it goes unnoticed.
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China/HK winecast 2

I promise I listened to your feedback and tried to make this one half as long. I failed. This one isn't as terrible as the first one, and like I said, I'm going to continue to do this, so the more feedback you give me and the more critical you are, the better I will get at doing this. While I will respond to all forms of feedback/comments/questions, it's best if you place them below so that they stick with the video. Thanks, Rob.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

China/HK winecast 1

First video cast on Wine in China/ Hong Kong from SIAL China tradeshow. I know this is laughably bad, (and I do laugh when I watch it), but I WILL continue to post, so please give me feedback, lots. The more feedback you give, what I talk about, how I talk... and the more critical you are... The better I will get at doing this. Thanks for watching. Rob.